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  • Client: Fred Sarkari - Keynote Speaker

Keynote Speaker Fred Sarkari's website is a unique approach to presenting his special flare.  From background images that change as you scroll down the page to angled colour bars Fred's goal was to be different from his competitors. 

Heavy use of video and tons of downloadable content work to provide lots of opportunities for his clients to get to know him while allowing visitors to skim to what they're interested in.


Dave was referred to me by a client with the following words. "He is the best we have".

I had gone through a handful of web/graphic design people in the last few years. I came to find that it is easy to find people that have the skill set, but very difficult to find someone with the skill set and who understands the essence of business and professionalism.

To me, and any business owner, Dave's strengths are his ability to understand your personality and how you think and work. Then he is able to work with you to help your life become simpler during the project at hand.

To me Dave brings two very critical elements to our business, over and above his skills. His commitment to see a project right to the end with calmness, and his business experience to be able to see every element 5 steps ahead in how it will impact everything else.

After working on well over a dozen projects with Dave, in the past two years, he never fails to amaze me. He simply is "the best I have" in my business.
Fred Sarkari Keynote Speaker & Best Selling Author

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