I’ve spent years in business to business sales, marketing and promotion, business automation, website design and online marketing.  I'm currently a Senior Front End Website Developer at Chicago Digital.  I’m primarily responsible for building websites for our clients. This is usually based on a custom design and functionality specification, though sometimes things are a little less defined than that.

With experience in Sales & Marketing, Project Management & Customer Service Management I also help create a link between technical, operational & client relationship goals.

I re-trained as a Graphic Designer in 2011 at the Center for Arts & Technology here in Kelowna BC, graduating with honours.

The most consistent thing I hear from people is their frustration with getting technology to do what they want it to do for their business. I'm known as the 'simplifier of complex & baffling things', people tell me that working with me helps them to focus on their business not their technology. 

There have been lots of hobbies that have come and gone over the course of my life. Woodworking and wine-making ran their course and I no longer participate in those. I used to golf but I gave that up a couple of years ago because I was just good enough to think I could be better which makes it a frustrating game.

My current interest (my wife would call it an obsession or addiction) is guitars. I’ve only been playing a few years so I’m working on things with lessons and daily practice.  I find though that I’m drawn to a well made and beautiful instrument and keep finding ones that I fall in love with and have to own.  I currently have more than a dozen guitars (mostly electric but acoustic and a bass as well). They are each different to me, and I love each of them for how they feel and sound in my hands.

They are all well made and quality instruments….and each one did have a price tag that could make you think twice about buying it vs perhaps something less expensive made outside of Canada or the US. But I love this quote I came across: “There’s a certain feel and sound you get from authentic materials.  People can tell the difference right away.” That gives me guidance and perhaps just helps me justify the cost to myself.

Give me a shout if you have an interesting project you think I might enjoy, or perhaps a guitar you found in your attic/garage that you feel needs a new home.  I'm always up for a chat about anything and everything.

Dave Haggblad - Front End Web Developer and Simplifier of Complex and Baffling Things.

Dave Haggblad - Front End Web Developer and Simplifier of Complex and Baffling Things.